glycolic acid (6% -12%)


Cavali peel Cream helps to protect and correct skin changes caused by skin aging, exposure to the sun; as well as physiological changes

It has noticeable results in improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines . It also improves the skin’s tight appearance .

It gives the skin elasticity and softness, in addition to activating cell regeneration which helps to get rid of the upper layers of the old epidermis.

This cream provides protection against external factors because it helps to stimulate the formation of Collagen and Elastin, which help the skin to maintain its softness.

How to use :

Apply the cream on a clean skin once a day or once every two days in the first month and then use it once or
twice a day.

Take care not to be exposed to sunlight. In case of exposure,apply sunscreen throughout the exposure period.

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