caffeine 1% – cucumberextract0.5% – vitamin A 0.5% – vitamin E 0.5% – vitamin C 0.5%

Properties :

  • An ideal cream for the care of the delicate area around the eye.
  • Cavali W eye cream helps to relieve and protect from the formation of wrinkles around the eye and helps to lighten the area surrounding the eye and relieve the dark circles and the swelling and gradually get rid
    of it.
  • Enriched with caffeine which is known for its properties of minimizing swelling and dark circles around the eye.
  • Cucumber extract and vitamin C help to lighten the skin.
  • vitamin A works to regenerate skin cells,
  • vitamin E nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

How to use:

Apply the cream around the eye in the morning and evening using light patting movements with the finger


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