Cavali amino acids Serum


Panthenol 5% – Arginine 1% – Glycine 1% – Alanine 1.5% – Serine 1% – Threonine 1.5% – Valine 0.6% – Proline 0.7% – Isoleucine 0.9% – Lysine HCl 1% – Histidine 0.9% – Phenyl alanine 2%.

Properties :

A concentrated skin care solution, rich in amino acids and its derivatives. Provides high moisturizing and skin elasticity support. It also contains Panthenol which provides high moisturizing effect and at the same time, it helps in the skin restoration effect, and protection against irritating factors.

Method of Use:

Apply a few drops morning and evening on a clean and dry skin. There might be a sensation of tingling after application, if the sensation is unbearable, you can mix the product with daily care cream or serum.