Cavali D


Vitamin A 0.1% – white mulberry Roots Extract 0.1% – Vitamin E 0.1% – Vitamin C 0.1% – Niacin Amide 0.1% – Dexpanthenol0.1% – Titanium dioxide 5%.


  • The cream is used in the daytime to help nourish and restore skin cells due to containing vitamin E ,A , niacin amide, and Dexpanthenol.
  •  helps to gradually get rid of the melasma and pigmentation due to containing white mulberry extract and vitamin C.
  • provides protection from sunlight.
  • suitable for all skin types.

How to use:

It is Preferable to wash the face with a gentle cleanser  and wait for 15 minutes after dryness of the skin.
then apply a small amount to the desired  area.
Use the cream in the daytime . It can be re-applied in case of continuous exposure to the sun or when necessary.